Get Help With Your Sleep Apnea With These Handy Tips

TIP! A major reason why a lot of people deal with the sleep apnea condition is because of the excess weight they’re carrying. If this applies, it is is important to shed some excess weight.

Resist the temptation to panic if you receive a sleep apnea diagnosis. Although the disorder can have dramatic, negative health consequences, if treated properly it is possible to live a normal life. For the best results in beating sleep apnea, you need to learn more about it. Read on for more information.

Extra Weight

TIP! Be sure to eat well and maintain a proper weight to help control your sleep apnea. A lot of sleep apnea sufferers are shocked by the role that a bad diet has in their affliction.

Extra weight is a primary cause of sleep apnea. In these cases, simply losing the extra weight can alleviate the symptoms. The best way to lose weight is to become physically active with exercise at least four times per week and eat less food calories than are burned off each day by activity. According to recent scientific work, many people looking to lose weight can also benefit from reducing their intake of carbohydrates.

TIP! It’s important to take responsibility to lessen the things that can cause sleep apnea. However, there are risk factors which aren’t changeable, such as being a male or that the condition is prevalent in your family.

If you are fat, become thinner. Studies show that sleep apnea symptoms are more common in people who are overweight. So, you can actually find substantial relief from your symptoms just from shedding even twenty or thirty pounds.

TIP! Shedding weight oftentimes is a big help to anyone who is dealing with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is linked to people who are overweight.

Do not drink alcohol often. Consuming alcohol causes your muscles to relax too much. While this might often be a desirable side effect of drinking, it can also cause sleep apnea. Your throat muscles relax too much from alcohol, which means trouble of your body to manage breathing. If you are a person who needs a drink sometimes, then aim to not drink it very frequently. Definitely do not drink any immediately before hitting the sheets at night.

Sleeping Pills

TIP! Tongue exercises are useful in reducing sleep apnea. Try holding your tongue up toward the roof of your mouth for at least three minutes.

Try to avoid sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can cause just as many problems with your throat as alcohol consumption. They’re also known for causing other problems in those that have to deal with sleep apnea. Speak with your health professional about something that can help you sleep without harming your breathing patterns.

TIP! One way to prevent yourself from getting sleep apnea is to exercise your throat muscles and make them stronger. Sleep apnea occurs when the tissues in your throat collapse into the airways, which ends up obstructing your breathing.

When not treated, you can have serious health effects from sleep apnea. Luckily, you don’t need to suffer another day, as there are effective treatments for sleep apnea. Apply what you have read in the preceding paragraphs and talk things over with your physician. Come up with a comprehensive treatment regimen to maintain your health.

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