Worried About Sleep Apnea? Find Out Everything You Need To Know Here!

TIP! Excess weight is an issue that plays a negative role in many sleep apnea sufferers’ conditions. Losing weight may help to greatly reduce sleep apnea symptoms in many patients.

If sleep apnea afflicts you, you need to be aware that it steals your sleep and wounds your well-being. Getting enough rest is very important if you are going to live healthier. There are effective ways of treating this condition. You’ll find a lot of potentially useful sleep apnea advice presented in the following article.

TIP! If you have inherently narrow airway that are causing sleep apnea, a mouth guard can help. This opens up your airways, letting you breathe fully while you sleep.

A corrective mouth guard for sleeping hours can do wonders if your condition is due to airways that are naturally narrow. These devices correct your airways and they help you breathe properly. Talk to your physician about these, and get a fitting if you two think it might work.

TIP! Speak with your doctor about getting a mouth guard that will help alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be magnified in effects by small jaws and recessed chins, as well as breathing passageways that are naturally narrow.

Ask your doctor for advice about what CPAP machine you should get. Size and noise are both things to factor into your decision. The newer CPAP machines are much smaller and quieter than earlier ones were. Your doctor can help you pick a manufacturer for a good quality machine.

TIP! Playing wind instruments can actually help you control sleep apnea. Researchers around the world have implied that the musical instrument, the didgeridoo, can be used to make airway muscles stronger.

Are nicotine and alcohol a part of your life? Eliminate these unhealthy habits. Both of these things affect your airway negatively and compound your sleep apnea problem. Alcohol relaxes your airways, and tobacco causes it to swell. If you’re not able to stop smoking and drinking, at least don’t do them before you fall asleep.

Bad Habits

TIP! Try sleeping on your side to prevent sleep apnea from robbing you of a good night’s sleep. When we sleep on our backs, the nasal and throat passages are more prone to obstructing the air-ways.

Quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Both of these bad habits can cause the airway muscles to relax, which makes you snore and adds to the symptoms of sleep apnea. As an added benefit, keep in mind that ditching these bad habits will put extra money back into your pocket, whereas extensive medical treatments will cost you a great deal.

TIP! A good physical exam, and a look at your family history, can quite often easily determine sleep apnea’s presence. Also, there may be a sleep study performed and even a sleep specialist recommended if the doctor treating you feels that your condition is severe enough to get it looked at further.

By now, it should be apparent that sleep apnea can be handled. Use the tips in the article you just read to get a better night’s rest, because you deserve it! As soon as you begin to get a good night’s sleep, your entire life will change for the better.

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